Marriage Equality And The Black Church

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.









Some facts about religion and the erroneous mindset against the LGBT community: I will say this again, to all the so called fake ass Black preachers, ministers, pastors and religious leaders of the Black community, if you are using the bible to further your LGBT prejudices, stop lying to your “flock”. The Bible mentions homosexuality 4 times. Jesus never mentioned Homosexuality. God never mentions Homosexuality. But the Poor are mentioned over 300 times. Homosexuality is not a sin against God or Christ. Stop The Lying. Tell The Truth.


Our so called Black religious leaders who are all across the pulpits of Black churches all across America, who are standing in those pulpits, paid for by donations, tithing, offerings and building drives, from members of the LGBT community….you are lying ass fake prophets when you preach that the bible teaches…

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