Mitt Romney’s Captive Audience

Jerry Falwell was the televangelist that made $millions telling his sheep that the 9/11 attacks should be blamed on “the ACLU, the gays and lesbians, and the fornicators.” That worm is dead now, but he used his money to start Liberty University, which prohibits homosexual teachers AND students. On Saturday May 12, default Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivered the commencement address at this school. He elicited cheers and wild applause when he said he believes marriage should only be between one man and one woman.This from a man whose great-grandfather had FIVE wives. Know this: The doors to Heaven and Hell are adjacent and identical.


One thought on “Mitt Romney’s Captive Audience

  1. I think that a message of hate and finger pointing might of worked 8 years ago against Kerry but the same old fire and brimstone scare tactics nonsense is going to alienate so many more people then the GOP realizes.

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