The only adult in the room

Via Andrew Sullivan comes this astonishing story, which frankly just left me speechless and in tears of anger. The media don’t even bother to pretend anymore:


That scene is a free, makeshift dental clinic for the uninsured. It was mobbed – as it would be in a developing country. Except it’s right here in Tennessee, where many of the working poor are uninsured, and where the state is perfectly happy to keep it that way. For these strapped, working-class folk, Obama’s demonized healthcare reform is a godsend. Pity almost none of them in this part of deepest red America have heard of what it could do for them:

It was hard to find visitors to the clinic who would not benefit  directly from the law. Barbara Hickey, 54, is a diabetic who lost her  insurance five years ago when her husband was injured at his job making  fiberglass…

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