The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.




Not everything Mitt Romney says is on the level. Scratch that…NOTHING Mitt Romney says is on the level….scratch that….Mitt Romney Is a Lyin Prick.



Much Thanks to Rachel Maddow & Steve Benen for compiling this never-ending list.


The Lies of Mitt Willard Romney…..ALL Of Them: Oh yeah….immediately following each lie, is the true fact that disputes each Mitt Willard Romney lie. All 344 lies.


January 06, 2012:

 Romney campaigning in Iowa on Sunday: “[W]hen the president went around at the beginning of his term and apologized for America around the world, it made us just heartsick.”

He’s lying; the president never apologized for America. Romney knows this, but he keeps making the claim anyway.


2. Romney on Fox News on Tuesday: “I’ve still got the same positions on the issues I had four years ago. My record as governor…

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