Is Wayne LaPierre Pulling Your Strings? by Rick London

Rick London Syndication


Before the NRA was founded America had guns.  We never worried about our 2nd Amendment rights, because like our other rights, they were and are clearly written in the Constitution. All common usage guns are protected.   When the NRA was founded, they were on the side of gun-owners, even teaching gun safety classes (one of which I took and most enjoyed). 

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In the early 1990s, things changed. Suddenly we were told our 2nd Amendment rights were at risk.  How could this be. America was fine for 300 years before the founding of the NRAand suddenly the 2nd Amendment was in trouble?  Who was telling us this?  It turned out the NRA was telling us this.   The smart Americans began to easily understand they were lobbying, no longer for gun owners, but for gun manufacturers (and sellers).  …

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