Moving Forward Until Love is Equal for All

A Piece of My Fabulous Mind


On Friday, May 3 at noon, in the middle of Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids, I gathered with a couple hundred of my friends for “One Minute for One Million” an event signifying the solidarity we share with the one million LGBT living in Michigan. We formed a human heart, the core of love. It was quite a gathering – of diversity, friendship, love, and equality. It was also a demonstration. In Holland, Michigan, you can be fired for being who you are, if who you are happens to be LGBT. In June, 2011 the Holland City Council, by a vote of 5 to 4, rejected adding “sexual orientation” to its non-discrimination ordinance for the City of Holland. And Until Love Is Equal was born. Ever since then, we have been spreading awareness about the unfairness and the inequality being shown to the LGBT community throughout our state…

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