Liberalism Today – by Umair Haque (@umairh)

1. Conservatism is a failure. Conservative nations under-perform in financial and human terms.

2. We live in something like a golden age of human prosperity. Liberalism is responsible for this, and liberalism alone.

3. But liberalism is failing. In precisely the same way that conservatism is succeeding.

4. Conservatism is succeeding at inventing an anti-future; a nostalgia for a past that never existed. Nationalism, extremism are symptoms.

5. Liberalism is failing at creating a human future worth living, instead of an unsustainable, uninhabitable, empty dream.

6. Being a liberal is significantly more cognitively and ethically challenging than being a conservative.

7. Being a liberal requires making investments in the common and greater good, not merely hoping to.

8. Being a liberal means prioritizing freedom in one’s everyday life; not merely as subject, but actor.

9. Being a liberal is hard. And that’s precisely why liberalism is failing.

10. Conservatism failed conservatives. But liberals are failing liberalism.

11. No liberal state can let unchecked institutions flourish. Banks, polities, corporations–these are existential threats to liberalism.

12. Neo-liberalism isn’t even worth discussing. Put simply, it prioritizes freedom for money over people. It’s illiberal at its root.

14. Neo-liberalism is the great failure of liberalism. It’s toxic set of negative sum trade offs are tearing liberalism apart.

15. Those of us who claim to be liberals mostly aren’t. We will almost always choose money and stuff over meaning and purpose.

16. Nor is liberalism merely about technological salvation. Technologies are tools that can enslave; liberalism frees minds.

17. The challenge for liberalism, then, is recognizing the depth of its failure; it’s inability to offer a future worth creating.

17. There is no liberalism in America.

18. The only set of ideas that has ever truly freed humanity from oppression and poverty is what we came to call liberalism.

18. Liberalism, where it fully exists today, is no longer called liberalism. What is called liberalism is properly conservatism.

18. The only set of ideas that has ever truly freed humanity from oppression and poverty is what we came to call liberalism.

19. It is that great ideal of liberalism–that in every person, there is a life worth living, because it is true–that must be recaptured.

20. Nations that reinvent liberalism for for the future will prosper. Those that don’t already aren’t, and this is their future.

21. There is no need for argument or refutation. Liberalism alone is the hope of humanity, and a glance at the globe confirms why.

22. America, now in a real perma-depression, it’s young irreversibly harmed, is a case study in how to get liberalism exactly wrong.

23. Conservatives have precisely nothing to offer people. Liberals do. But they must start recognizing it’s more than money.

24. A robust liberalism fit for the future is grounded in meaning, purpose, justice, and human well being.

25. It isn’t up to politicians to offer us this New Liberalism. It’s up to each of us to offer it to ourselves, and those we love, first.

25. A liberalism redefined for the 21st century is the only and best hope the globe has of averting crisis and catastrophe.

26. The point of liberalism wasn’t freeing people to buy McShit. It was freeing people to live lives that resonate, count, and matter.

27. If you discuss “radicalism” vs liberalism, you’re committing a fallacy of composition. Go back to politics 101, you just flunked.


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