“Back By Unpopular Demand”: No One Really Cares What One Term Governor Mitt Romney Has To Say

Why doesn’t Mitt Romney just go away?


Remember Mitt Romney? That national candidate who saw 47% of the country as lazy parasites? The one who assumed all the polls were “skewed” and that he was poised for victory? Apparently, he misses you.

More than half a year after his election loss, Mitt Romney is putting a tentative foot back onto the public stage.

Restless, a little wistful and sharply critical of President Barack Obama’s second term, Mr. Romney said in an interview that he plans to re-emerge in ways that will “help shape national priorities.” As a first step, the former Republican presidential nominee plans to welcome 200 friends and supporters to a three-day summit next week that he will host at a Utah mountain resort.

He is considering writing a book and a series of opinion pieces, and has plans to campaign for 2014 candidates.

Traditionally, failed presidential candidates, unless they hold office and/or plan…

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