Justice For Charlene Dill

The Undaunted Democrat


A woman in Florida passed away April 9, 2014. I didn’t know the lady. I know she was the beloved mother of three children. I know she made $9,000 a year working three jobs, babysitting, cleaning houses and selling vacuum cleaners. Her name was Charlene Dill, she was 32 years old and her death was entirely preventable. You see, Charlene had a completely treatable heart problem. Florida is one of 25 states whose governors refused to expand Medicaid. The National Memo estimates that 27,000 people will die because of this.

If a person robs a bank and takes hostages, and one of those hostages has a seizure and the robber refuses to let that person out to receive needed medication and/or doctor’s care, and that person dies, one of the charges that the bank robber is going to face is manslaughter because the person died as a direct result of…

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