Voter Turnout

The Undaunted Democrat

I don’t pretend to be a psychic, as a matter of fact, I don’t really believe in psychics. I don’t believe that you go to bed and have a dream that something happens and then it happens. I do not believe that a person can tell where a dead body is buried just by looking at a person’s belongings. I do, however, believe that a person can get a sense of the future by paying attention to the events of today and even the past.
I have been saying for several months that Democrats have a good chance of winning in 2014. I made several status posts about it and in July, 2013 I wrote a blog detailing our chances. The name of the blog was, “Republicans Have a Surprise Coming.” Below is an excerpt from that blog:
“They (Republicans) have tried to pass restrictive voter ID laws, they shortened…

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