For The Love of My Dogs – and Cat

From my other blog “A Piece of My Fabulous Mind.”

A Piece of My Fabulous Mind

Life is short and Winter is over. The grass is growing, and the flowers are blooming, so I am giving the backyard to my Zoo of Animals. I know the bare spots will never fill in because three dogs are always running and chasing and tearing around. I am leaving the way back un-mowed from now on so Lillie the Cat has a jungle to hunt in, and has a place to pounce on the dogs from. I am letting Oliver dig all the holes he wants to, because that’s what Oliver loves. He digs the perfect sizedBlanket on stepsOliver Buster Lillie holes for Lillie to hide in, and to use as a bunker to scope out birds and squirrels. Buster lives for chasing balls in the nooks and crannies of the yard, and Blanket surveys the world from the back steps. I hereby dedicate my backyard to Prince Niles Blanket, Buster Keaton Brown…

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