President Obama’s State of the Union

A Piece of My Fabulous Mind

Tonight, President Barack Hussein Obama will deliver his sixth State of the Union address. For the first time, he will be addressing a Congress that is controlled by Republicans in both chambers.

President Obama has a lot to be proud of: 58 straight months of job growth, unemployment at 5.6 percent, economic growth at an 11-year high, and millions insured under The Affordable Care Act – the greatest accomplishment of his presidency.

Tonight, the President will share his vision for America’s future, and for his final two years as President. He has already given us a preview in announcements, speeches and online presentations over the last few weeks and months.  Foremost is his Executive Action on immigration. The President understands the need to move on Immigration Reform, and that if Congress is unwilling to pass a comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, he must act alone to do what he can for…

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