I need a temporary unfriend button for FB this election cycle!

via @BobbyTBD

images (1)I can’t decide what is going to be harder. Getting through the election cycle or getting through the Refugee crisis and related debate. Either way I have realized that I am way to passionate about both topics for my own good.

I wish Facebook had an “I’m angry unfriend” button that allowed you to click unfriend out of anger, but didn’t actually unfriend the person.  It would just put the person in a queue for you to look at later once you had a chance to cool down and decide if you want to unfriend them later. It would save me a lot of grief.

My biggest issue has come not from disagreements or political debates. Disagreements happen everyday for me. If you follow me on social media you can probably tell I am slightly opinionated. Okay, I am extremely opinionated. I am so left of center in my beliefs I debate fellow…

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