Hillary: Global LGBT Advocate

Hillary Clinton gay rights

These are just some of the many reasons I support Hillary Clinton for President. If you believe that LGBTs deserve the same rights as their straight counterparts (not MORE or SPECIAL rights), please join me. With anti-LGBT hysteria once again sweeping across the states – North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee come to mind – it is most important to elect a Democratic President and Congress to fight the wave of homophobia that has sprung up in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality. Religious zealots and the politicians they support will stop at nothing to put us back in our place as second-class citizens and perverted sinners. And with the prospect of a new Supreme Court justice being confirmed before the end of President Obama’s term chancy at best, we MUST NOT allow a Republican president the chance to name a right-wing conservative to the bench. You see, I believe the future is on the side of equality. And progress. And love. Because love ALWAYS WINS.
(image by @CandyKirby and @SayHillYes on Twitter)

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