Obama doesn’t have a ‘juice’ problem. He has a Republican problem

The Fifth Column

I saw the POTUS’  press conference earlier this week.  When the reporter asked him if he had still had “juice” with Republicans I immediately thought of the slang term: juice– respect, power.

The author’s  definition seems somewhat skewered.  However, his analysis of President Obama’s hopefulness in getting Republican leaders to see things his way and the futility of that effort seems to be spot on.

The Week

The big question in Washington this week comes from ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who asked President Obama at a press conference: “Do you still have the juice?”

Juice, in this context, means the energy and wherewithal to have your way, to get the job done. (Karl’s “still have” presumes Obama had the juice to begin with, which is increasingly debatable.)

Karl also asked about the president’s failure to end the sequester or get a gun bill through the Senate (it would have died in the…

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